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by Bjorg Agustsdottir


Having achieved unprecedented success and critical acclaim in the installation market with the VQ Series of installation loudspeakers, TANNOY set out to develop and market a touring version of the product.

Offering significant and tangible benefits over many existing solutions: sonic superiority, less boxes required, lower costs and full VNET implementation (allowing system setup and ongoing venue network control, incorporating real time diagnostics), VQ LIVE has the potential to be a true line array killer.

Paul Nicholson, of UK distributor Red Square Audio (and formerly L'Acoustics) helped develop the existing VQ Series product into a live range and had this to say:

“I first came across the VQ NET 60 installation cabinet at the ABTT show in 2008. Looking at the specification I was immediately convinced that it could be turned into a great live product. At that time Tannoy had no plans to redevelop the cabinet but I soon convinced them that it would be a good idea and we set to work on a redesign. In just six short months, and some 50 modifications later, we have arrived at the Frankfurt Prolight + Sound show with Tannoy’s first venture into high end pro audio, the VQ LIVE.

Billed as a line array killer, VQ has already made an impact winning its first shoot-out against a 6 element line array just 5 days before the show, where both the client and an acoustic consultant clearly preferred the sound of the VQ. Not only did it sound better but it was also a winner due to its compact size and plug and play simplicity. Requiring no separate amp racks or DSP, very low power consumption, and far less warehouse and truck space than both conventional or line array systems, the VQ LIVE ticks all the right boxes whether you are a company owner or engineer.

Typically, we are seeing a ratio of around 1/3 less VQ cabs required against other competitive systems, and the price is greatly reduced as well. Companies will be able to make substantial savings when purchasing VQ LIVE and could certainly purchase a new system on the proceeds from selling old equipment alone – perhaps a more pertinent and critical factor in the current climate than it has been in the past.

Also, with a continuous SPL of 138db (144db max) and an amazing amount of rear rejection the VQ LIVE is in a class of its own. I am extremely proud to be associated with Tannoy and would like to thank everyone at the factory for their supreme effort and brilliant teamwork than enabled the VQ LIVE to be brought to the market in such a short space of time. I look forward to a long association with Tannoy and the undoubted success of the VQ LIVE range.”

VQ LIVE :