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by Sarah Jane Thomson


Chryston Parish Church in Glasgow, Scotland nurtures its Presbyterian community with a mixture of enthusiastic sermons and lively musical services.  With careful attention to sound reproduction, the Church has undergone complete renovation and now contains the perfect audio system from TANNOYLAB GRUPPEN, and

BEHRINGER, to deliver increased engagement among visitors.

“We required a new audio system which would meet two criteria; clarity of speech for variable hearing abilities of visitors and high quality reproduction of music,” said Mark Malcolm the Church's' Minister.  At Chryston Parish Church the task is difficult given the long rectangular sanctuary and large stained glass windows with substantially high ceiling.


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Stewart Taylor, Director of Access Audio Visual, has been specifying TANNOY loudspeakers as standard for some years. “We’ve used the Di5 and Di6 Series for years so were sad to hear they were gone but the replacement, the AMS Range, has exceeded our expectations. They’re actually more visually appealing and allow for a more versatile approach to our installations.”




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4 TANNOY VX8.2 are installed on the upper and lower floors with 6 AMS5DC loudspeakers working as fills to ensure sound clarity from front to back with a VS15BP work as a subwoofer. Off site, rack mounted LAB GRUPPEN C Series amplifiers power the system, providing Energy Star Efficiency to save on running costs for the church.




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The Church uses BEHRINGER’s S16 stage box, linked via Cat5 to an X32 console: “There’s no need for a huge multicore or cables running everywhere, it’s very neat, so we can actually move a band around the stage with minimal fuss,” explains Malcolm. Also in use is the X32 Mix App for iPad which controls sound without the need for physical presence at the console.




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“The success of the different components coming together is evident in that we don’t notice each component – the seamless interface comes together to produce something we really appreciate,” adds Malcolm, “Our congregation are so much more engaged with the services we deliver”.




Watch the interview with Chryston Parish Church and Access Audio Visual


Sarah Jane Thomson
Senior Specialist, Artist/Public Relations
MUSIC Group Innovation UK Limited