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by Frank Field

vintageThe church calls itself “Vintage,” but is so new that it hasn’t even held a service yet. The Vintage Church in Harker Heights, Texas is scheduled to open in early 2014, however members of the launch team, who have been meeting for months are sure of one thing – BEHRINGER audio products will be installed to handle everything from sermons to church social events. From day one, BEHRINGER has figured prominently in their plans, mostly because of positive personal experience.

Launch team member Cody Patterson helped budget and select the equipment for the new church, a process requiring some tough choices since they would start their ministry in a temporary location – a movie theater. “The main difficulty is the room's dispersion of sound. It’s narrow and tall – so it’s like a cathedral, except it has tons of insulation and carpeting, which means there’s no inherent reverb to deal with.”

An additional challenge is the short-term plan for using of the theater, which seats about 300. Every week, the church will have to haul the gear in and out, which led Patterson and the rest of the team to opt for lightweight and compact equipment with lots of wireless capability. Vintage Church’s team bought a BEHRINGER X32 mixing board, two DIGITAL SNAKE S16 Stage Boxes and six POWERPLAY P16-M Personal Monitor Mixers. The church will use the gear for sermons, live and recorded music, plus social events, such as dances, parties and cookouts. The X32's recording functionality will also allow them to archive entire services for use in their outreach ministry.

“We are in the digital age and it is awesome! We can't wait to use the BEHRINGER X32 paired with Waves Sound Plugins for live effects, as well as the built-in effects and processors in the X32,” Cody said. “I personally can't wait to get the board and monitors because of the ability to control monitor and front of house mixes from a wireless tablet or phone.”

Located near the Fort Hood U.S. Army Base in Killeen, Texas, the first service in the theater is scheduled for January 19, 2014, with a permanent church to be completed by August of next year. The church leadership hopes to attract parishioners with a "modern, warm and inviting feel,” which is a bit non-traditional considering the region. And Patterson will be a regular with the music team, performing approximately 30 minutes during a typical service – now that should appeal to younger church-goers!