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Prosound Network Behringer_X32_LO

Photo: Prosound Network/Lynn Fuston

The enthusiasm for the BEHRINGER X32 digital mixer continues. Prosound Network put the X32 to the test at Belmont Church in Nashville, Tennessee. They explore all the features of the console, testing its performance in the House of Worship setting.

Of the mixer's role in the service they say that effects play an important part of the mix, but should not be distracting. In the X32 they liked "The ease of control, tap delay times, grouping, ability to control detailed parameters, and the effects sat nicely in the mix."

Prosound Network admired the ease of use the board provides, saying "The layout of the X32 is, in my opinion, the most natural workflow I have experienced to date in a digital mixer; everything just makes sense. There are features that the X32 has that would greatly benefit the larger, more expensive boards."

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