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by Lorelei Shannon

So much of today’s digital DJ equipment gets its power via USB, and it can be challenging for laptops to meet these growing power demands. When an external USB device doesn’t get enough power, it can malfunction, or worse – cause bus resets. (A bus reset puts the device in an invalid state where it no longer responds to SCSI commands) The connected device may fail and this could mean losing control of your software, or even dropouts in your audio.

What can you do if this happens?

First, try a different USB port. This might sound obvious, but sometimes just moving to another USB port is all it takes – and if it doesn't work, you haven't lost anything.

Second, try a different USB cable. It’s always a good idea to have a couple of good quality USB cables on hand in addition to the cables that came with your gear. When you’re buying USB cables, always buy the shortest cable that meets your needs. No need to buy a 10' cable when a 3' will do the job.

Finally, if you’ve tried moving to a new USB port and replacing the cable and still getting dropouts, try connecting your device to a powered USB hub – but beware, not all USB hubs are equal! Use a USB 2.0 powered hub (ideally multi-TT), like the one built into the BEHRINGER CMD MM-1 controller. Plugging into a powered hub removes the burden of powering your controller from your computer’s resources.

If all else fails, contact customer service for your USB product.

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