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by Patrick Fordyce

We recently heard from Engineer Matt Brown, who is currently on the Rodriguez World Tour in Australia using a full X32 system for Monitor duties. Matt was kind enough to send info about his rig and a photo blog of the tour so far, which we are more than happy to share below.

“I’m using the X32 COMPACT for Inputs 1-16 and Outputs 1-8, as well as the X32 RACK for Inputs 17-32 and Outputs 9-16 via AES50. This show consists of 16 inputs, 8 monitor wedge mixes, 1 stereo hardwired IEM mix and 2 mono wireless IEM mixes.”

Matt is prepping the rig for the tour, which will feature the X32 COMPACT at FOH position and X32 RACK handling Monitor duties.

Above Matt is prepping the tour rig, which features the X32 COMPACT and X32 RACK.

“This configuration has many advantages. First, it allows me to have a portable solution with all the features of the full size X32 console, without sacrificing a work surface. I flew from New York to New Zealand, and then to Australia with the whole setup, undersized and underweight. I was able to bring everything in two checked bags and a single carry-on.”

The whole rig is packed and flyable!

The entire rig is packed and flyable!

“The whole rig is modular, and I can setup or breakdown my monitor world by myself in a casual ten minutes. The console is a one-man lift – I love it! Also, since the X32 RACK can be used alone, it gives me another great option for mixing.”

Here is the X32 rig setup at rehearsal.

X32 rig being used at rehearsal.

“I am on a plane right now flying from Sydney to Perth for 3 festival shows. The X32 COMPACT is staying on the truck, and I will use the X32 RACK as the mixer for this one. When I’m done writing this, I’ll reconfigure my scene using X32-Edit right here on the plane.”

The whole rig lives in Monitor World.

The whole rig lives in Monitor World.

“I have been mixing wirelessly for many years, and as a monitor engineer it just makes sense. I use X32-Mix extensively – and our drummer, Pete Wilkins makes adjustments to his P1 headphone amp, hardwired IEM’s wirelessly using his Android phone.”

BEHRINGER P1 powering IEM for Drummer Pete Wilkins

BEHRINGER P1 powering IEM for Drummer Pete Wilkins

View from Monitor World

View from Monitor World

View from stage at Sydney Oprah House

View from stage at Sydney Opera House

Thanks to Matt for sharing his story and photos. For more information on the tour and Rodriguez, checkout www.rodriguez-music.com.