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by Frank Field


The CMD MICRO DJ Controller gets props from critics for being a feature-packed controller ideal for practicing, or for small gigs and taking on the go.

Critics find a lot to love about the BEHRINGER CMD MICRO DJ controller, citing build quality, price and the feature set as reasons to get the controller for those times when a DJ only needs a small setup and doesn’t want to carry a large-format controller.

Digital DJ Tips’ Phil Morse was effusive in beginning his review with the description, “well built and good value,” calling the MICRO “a pro-feeling unit: quite deep, and definitely heavy for its size… with jogwheels “as pro feeling as any.”

DJWorx.com also praised the build quality, calling it a “simple and elegant” layout for the controls which felt “accurate” to the touch when in use.

In use, Morse tested the MICRO and said, “My expectations from such a small unit were modest, and it actually exceeded them.”

He sees it as an option for practicing, small gigs, or venues where space is limited, such as behind a bar.

DJWorx.com concurred, saying, “for the price it’s is a great deal for a basic mobile rig or backup DJ rig.”

And the reviewer pointed out that having AA battery power was “a smart move, as I’d rather receive power from batteries than have one more thing to plug into a wall.”

Searching for something to criticize the review concludes that the CMD MICRO “is a great little controller. While there are many things I could think of to add to it, all of them would significantly add to the price.”

And that’s how Morse of Digital DJ Tips concludes: “It is a well-made little device that should stand the test of time. For the price, it’s certainly better than most comparable DJ controllers.”

We couldn’t agree more.


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