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by Jessica Bryner

Richie Ramone BandBEHRINGER met the awesome Clare Misstake during her recent tour with Richie Ramone, of the legendary Ramones. We wanted to know a little more about what makes this rock and roll princess tick, her relationship with BEHRINGER and BUGERA gear – and what she has in store for us next!

Also a highly skilled guitarist, Clare played bass on tour with Richie Ramone. When asked about the unique challenges the bass chair holds, she told us, “Being a bassist is all about locking in with the drummer and enhancing the rhythm of the kick and snare with notes; adding a melodic, rhythmic, powerful bottom end. I am not a fan of fancy bass playing – if I want to play lots of notes, I play violin or guitar. To me, bass is all about simplicity, groove and being solid - I love it! The power is unbeatable in any other instrument; with its long sexy neck....oh yes baby!”

Clare used the BEHRINGER BVT5500 exclusively on this tour. Expanding on why she chose to go with this powerhouse of an amp for her sonic onslaught, Clare explained, “I played with the band AntiProduct in the UK, who were a BEHRINGER endorsed band. I love BEHRINGER gear! It is so well designed and sounds great. I used the BVT head on this tour because with 35 dates in 41 days, I needed a head I could rely on, that would sound great night after night. I know I can rely on BEHRINGER gear to sound good and stand the test of the road!”

Strong words from a veteran of the road! A seasoned professional, Clare is always on the look out for anything that can make her job easier and more enjoyable for all. When we mentioned the new BUGERA VEYRON-T and VEYRON-M Class-D bass micro heads and the new TURBOUSOUND-equipped bass cabinets our sister company BUGERA recently released, Clare offered, “On this most recent US tour with Richie, we were in a Mercedes Sprinter van and my BB810 cab was about 2” too big. I just simply DI'd and had bass run through my monitor for a couple of shows. The BVT5500 is solid state, so it doesn’t have to be plugged into a cab – and it worked great! But I am excited to hear about the micro heads, because when you’re packing a van, every inch of space is critical! I also love the idea of putting my amp head in my suitcase and carrying it all over the world with me. That way I always get consistent tone – that would be great!”

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