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by Patrick Fordyce


2014/12/04 – The BEHRINGER X32 RACK has found its way into some very prestigious venues, including a recent classical music command performance at the Warsaw Royal Castle. Serving as mixing and recording engineer for the event, Michal Ostoja-Ostaszewski chose the X32 RACK for its high-end sound quality and user-friendly iPad remote control operation.

“For me, remote access is the most important feature, and in the case of the BEHRINGER X32 Rack, that means full access. I can adjust everything with my iPad, including channel gain and I/O delay. It is easy to set the delay signal on different channels and outputs of the mixer – and it makes a real difference!”

Michal continued, “There are opportunities for significant system expansion. Recently released X-Dante X-MADI cards allow connecting the X32 RACK to existing networks and sound systems in high profile and respected venues. This strongly extends the capabilities of the mixer – and automatically moves it to the next level."


About Michal

Michal Ostoja-Ostaszewski is the founder/owner of Studio Kropka, a well-established music and advertising production facility in Warsaw, and has worked with the Greensboro Symphony, Winston-Salem Symphony, Polish Radio Orchestra and Polish Chamber Orchestra, to name just a few. He has also amassed an impressive client list, having worked with Continental, Gerber, Renault, Sony and Telepizza, as well as radio and television stations, such as Canal+, Radio Kolor, Radio dla Ciebie and Polskie Radio Program Trzeci.

We would like to thank Estrada i Studio magazine for their permission to reprint this article, Lech Spaszewski for the photographs, and SoundTrade (distributor) for their assistance.