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by Patrick Fordyce

deadmau5 & Raychel Espiritu

Deadmau5 greets MUSIC's Raychel Espiritu at his Toronto studio

MUSIC social media specialist Raychel Espiritu visited deadmau5’s studio in Toronto, Canada, to let him test drive the new BEHRINGER DeepMind 12 synthesizer. Deadmau5 is a Grammy nominated electronic music producer and artist with an upcoming multi city tour.  Hopefully he likes the DeepMind 12 enough to take it along!

Raychel said: "I am beyond grateful for this life changing experience! Today we brought the DeepMind 12 to deadmau5's studio and had the chance to see him set it up and test it out." Raychel continued, "I've been a fan since 2007, been to numerous shows, always thinking "How cool would it be to see where he makes the music I love so much?" Today was the day!