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by Patrick Fordyce


2/18/2015- Los Angeles, CA – Behringer today announced their highly anticipated X AIR XR18 Digital Mixer for iPad/Android tablets is now available through the Company’s vast dealer network.

The revolutionary XR18 is a remotely-controllable 18-input/12 bus portable mixer housed in an extremely sturdy stage box form factor, and is the first of its kind designed for use with iPad and Android tablets, as well as smartphones and PC, Mac and Linux computers. XR18 is ideally suited for both live and studio applications, thanks to 16 award-winning Midas-designed mic preamps, a convenient integrated tri-mode Wifi module for wireless control – and a lightning-fast, bidirectional USB audio/MIDI interface.

Other features include: 4 high-end X32 stereo FX processors, with close to 50 studio-grade X32’s high-end FX "Plug Ins"; X AIR Gain Sharing technology for hands-free auto-mixing; a high-resolution 100-band Real Time Analyzer (RTA), with full bar and spectrograph views, and Ultranet connectivity for Behringer's P-16 Personal Monitoring System.

"For the first time in audio history, Behringer has created a digital mixer integrated into a stage box and combined with a wireless router, recording interface, personal monitoring system and even a revolutionary auto-mixing function. While not only unprecedented from an engineering point of view, the starting price of US$699 is equally amazing," stated Music Group Senior Engineer of Conception Jan Duwe.

"Competing products only work with iOS-compatible tablets, but the XR18 is an equal-opportunity launch pad for your dreams. It works beautifully with Android tablets and PC, Mac and Linux computers, as well as mini-notebooks – and yes, even iPads of all sizes," continued Duwe. "The XR18 not only changes the game, it changes the very playing field – by accommodating all of the world's most popular operating systems!

The X AIR XR18 has a suggested U.S. MAP of $699 and is covered by Music Group’s 3-Year Limited Warranty Program. To find out more about X AIR Series wireless tablet mixers, or to download the new X AIR, Android and X AIR Edit software apps free of charge, visit behringer.com.