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by Patrick Fordyce


The BEHRINGER BCR2000 is one of the most successful MIDI controllers in history, and has found its way into the recording studio, as well as the stage setup of countless artists – including Grammy award winners Daft Punk. Indispensible in a wide range of applications, the BCR2000 USB/MIDI Controller features 32 illuminated rotary encoders and 16 + 4 buttons, all of which are freely assignable to the user’s favorite MIDI functions.

But Dresden, Germany’s Jacob Korn has taken the BCR2000 to the next step, by using ZAQ Audio’s Zaquencer firmware to create mesmerizing original music on the fly. With a slew of well-received releases on such prominent labels as Uncanny Valley, Running Back, Skylax and Permanent Vacation, Jacob’s approach is sublimely innovative, putting his tracks, remixes and live sets in high demand around the world.


"I already use mostly hardware synths and sequencers, but the Zaquencer [and BCR2000] still bring something to the table,” Jacob commented. “It´s as fun and intuitive as an old-school analog sequencer, but it goes much deeper… if you want it to."

Not a preset, but a completely new operating system, the Zaquencer effectively turns your BCR2000 into a powerful standalone MIDI step sequencer – with the optimal hardware platform.

A “short” feature list of the Zaquencer’s includes: up to 32-step sequencing, depending on the loop; 4 mono- or polyphonic-tracks; switchable between Notetrack and Drumtrack; external or internal clock; pattern chain; tap write mode; note repeat; global scale and transpose; wave generator, and much more. Additionally, up to 192 patterns and all global parameters can be stored in flash memory – and a computer is not required for operation.

Click here for more info on the BCR2000.

To experience the Zaquencer, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/zaqaudio

For additional info or to purchase, go to: zaqaudio.com